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Our Ethical Values

1 . Respect for the Environment

We use only natural and renewable materials. We use a lot of organic cotton (all our cotton is organic) as well as wool for winter and linen for summer. We also sometimes use fabrics from end-of-life recycling of used garments, and more rarely with other fibers such as silk or hemp. Synthetic materials (polyester, nylon ... ) or artificial (viscose , bamboo, soy , etc. . ) Are only used up to a maximum of 5%,  when they are required to meet specific technical constraints ( elasthane for elasticity , durability and strength of the polyester for some seams, etc . ).

2 . Respect for people involved in the manufacturing

We want people who wear our clothes consider the living and working conditions of those who made them are correct. Beyond international conventions such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 23 guaranteeing a fair wage ) and the eight fundamental conventions from the International Labour Organization ( forced labor : 29 and 105; Unions : 87 and 98 , discrimination: 100 and 111; child Labour: 138 and 182), we select our suppliers with our heart more than our calculator ! Currently, the making is carried out by a small family business in northern Portugal. We visit them regularly and we can ensure the living and working conditions there, although not perfect, would be envied by most textile workers in the world !

3 . Respect of the people who use our clothes

We do our best to provide comfortable clothes, easy to maintain, designed to pretty up the people wearing them, in compliance with her/his morphology and well-being. Because our clothing is the first thing other see from us, it is the vehicle of our self esteem and our relationships with others. We must feel good inside, feel "ourselves". If wearing Marie Cabanac is probably not enough to feeling good , we do our utmost to ensure that it contributes to feeling better !



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